Why Divine Renovation Conference by Nqobile Ngcobo

Why Divine Renovation

A little over a year ago, I sat frustrated at the fact that although I was leading a vibrant and alive youth ministry program in my parish. Once confirmed, many of our teens would slowly stop attending church within 2-3 years. We, as youth leaders, were building relationships with teens, but some would still leave after confirmation and I had realised that something wasn’t working. After a lot of prayer and difficult conversations with past teens, I realised that although they felt that they belonged in our youth ministry program, some didn’t always feel the same about church.

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Divine Renovation Book Launch In Cape Town

Divine Renovation Book Launch In Cape Town

As we get closer to the Divine Renovation Conference in August, we’re excited to announce the Divine Renovation Book Launch in Cape Town. We’ve had great book launches in Johannesburg and Durban, and we can’t wait for 17th of July.  Divine Renovation: bringing your parish from maintenance to mission,  is the book out of which the conference was born out of. The conference is designed to be helpful in giving practical tools and tips on how to put to action principles of parishioners’ mobilisation, which leads to parish renewal. At the book launch will get a peek into the book .

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Fr James Mackay’s Story

Fr James Mackay

Fr James, parish priest of Our Lady of Walsingham, was originally suspicious about Alpha because it didn’t originate in the Catholic Church.  Another priest gave him the book Divine Renovation by Fr Mallon and it became apparent that Alpha was instrumental in the evangelisation plan at Fr Mallon’s parish.

Fr James decided to gather a group of people from his parish and to try Alpha together. Watch his story to find out the impact it had on his priesthood and parish.

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