How To Get The Most From Divine Renovation Conference

This conference is not meant to be an end in itself. It is meant to be only a starting point, a foundation of sort. A catalyst for parish renewal. It is meant to encourage parishes in being missional. With that in mind we thought it would be great to put together some tips on how to get the most from Divine Renovation Conference



If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve registered. Note: registration is when payment has been processed and you’ve received a confirmation email. If you haven’t received one please get in touch. The most important tip here is: make sure you’re team is coming

Oh! Don’t forget to check that your friends and fellow parishioners are coming and registered.


Prayer cannot be over-emphasised. Pray for yourself, that God would prepare your ears and heart to hear and receive what you need to take away. Commit the final preparations and everyone who will be attending to the Lord. Don’t forget the speakers and everyone involved.

At Conference

Note / Document It

The programme will be packed with wholesome content.  The best way to make sure you don’t forget it is to capture it. We’ll have some cool notebooks and pens for you to capture the precious gems.


There are few occasions that see many people from different parishes come together. This is a great time to celebrate and strengthen unity. Take time to connect with others from different parishes, get to know each other and share experiences. Maybe even make plans to stay in touch after the conference.

No need to keep to the people you know, make new friends as you discuss what you’re learning. Sharing what you’re learning reinforces it to your memory and makes it more meaningful.

Share what you’re learning and your experience with those unable to attend. Use the #DRSA18 to share posts, highlights and key moments and take-always.

get most out of divine renovation hashtag

And, at the conference, you can already start to talk with your fellow parishioners about what is standing out for you. Perhaps start the conversation, which will continue after the conference on what these things may mean for your parish.

The Book

If you haven’t already go the Divine Renovation book don’t worry, you’ll be able to buy one at conference.

After Conference


The conference is only the start. The real difference and impact comes when we act on what we’ve learnt. It will be our obedience to what God says to us that will make the difference.

Share whatever tips you on how to how to get the most from the Divine Renovation Conference in the comments below.

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  1. Our conference starts on Monday, cannot wait! Reminds me a lot of Vatican II, why? Aggiornamento – opening the windows to let in a breath of fresh air, to clear the cobwebs of maintenance and to reveal the true purpose of the church.

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